Introducing ProTek.

When you want protection for your production equipment, count on NewTek ProTek℠. The service program that takes support far beyond standard. Not only does ProTek provide the only way to get NewTek-provided service for many years of product ownership, it enhances the support experience every step of the way.

With ProTek, your coverage can be extended. For some, the standard 12-month warranty is enough. For those with mission-critical production needs, having access to source-provided service and support when you need it, is an integral part of owning and using a NewTek live production product. And ProTek can be renewed each year, well beyond the purchase date. Plus, unlike many other programs, the benefits of ProTek can be assigned to a new owner, so coverage and peace of mind can continue for them.


ProTek and ProTek Elite pricing
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ProTek Coverage
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ProTek Elite Coverage
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TriCaster™ 850 EXTREME™



TriCaster  850



TriCaster 450 EXTREME



TriCaster  450



TriCaster  300



TriCaster STUDIO™



3Play™ 820



3Play 425



3Play 330



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