The Best of Both Worlds!

Live Production and Live Streaming bundled together in one affordable solution.

For years, the cost of those production tools have knocked smaller broadcasters, schools and conferences right out of professional sports coverage ballpark. 3Play 425 delivers the professional instant replay that will put you head-and-shoulders above the local competition, and propel you into the majors.


  • Volumes of customizable signature looks make each program distinct
  • Impressive effects with real-time cloth dynamics, warping video, overlays and sound
  • Higher-capacity media storage accommodates a high volume of project work
  • The flexibility to go from show, to show, to show, adding new camera angles along the way—up to eight, for the most sophisticated programs
  • Built-in live streaming at the push of a button
  • Access all sources and functions with an included hardware control surface
  • Stream, broadcast, project and record—all at the same time—so you can meet viewers wherever they watch, now or later
  • 6-channel live sports “sweet spot”
  • Network-quality production in native HD
  • Seamless mixing of live video with assets from your media library
  • Compact, 2RU design fits perfectly in control rooms and production vehicles of all sizes
  • Included control surface with premium T-bar, speed presets, and jog wheel

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Live Sports
Solution 860

TriCaster 455
tc850-leftTriCaster 860 w/ 3 Play 4800
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TriCaster 860 w/ 3 Play 440
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